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APSA PoliInformatics Research Challenge Short Course will take place August 27th 2014 in Washington DC as part of the APSA Annual Meeting. A preliminary list of submissions is here.  The Agenda for the Short Course can be found here

Computer Science submissions have been judged! Thanks to all of the teams that took the bait.  Still waiting to hear from the journalists. Questions? poli.informatics@gmail.com.




PoliInformatics is an interdisciplinary field that promotes diverse methodological approaches to the study of politics and government.

The goal of PoliInformatics is to leverage advances in computer science, machine learning (broadly defined) and data visualization to promote analyses of very large and unstructured datasets related to the study of government and politics. Very rapid developments in data availability call for innovative approaches to longstanding questions related to governance. We seek to steer computational scientists toward new research opportunities while promoting data-rich analyses within mainstream political science research. We spell it as both poliInformatics and poli-informatics and sometimes we just say political informatics.

This website serves as an information repository for a National Science Foundation funded Research Coordination Network (RCN) – Grant #1243917 - directed by John Wilkerson (University of Washington) and Anne L. Washington (George Mason University). See our grant page to learn more about the award.

    • A multidisciplinary Steering Committee guides the project. The members possess expertise in legal informatics, political science, machine learning, political economics, communication, information science, data journalism, electrical engineering, statistics, visualization, and information systems.

The primary role of the steering committee is to promote discipline specific Research Competitions, that feed into two interdisciplinary collaborative workshops.

The Research Coordination Network (RCN) is called PiNet – a network of engineers, computer scientists, information scientists, social scientists, and you! We will be sharing information on this site and on the PiNet Wiki . Please look for more information about forthcoming Research Competitions in Autumn 2013, or contact us so that we can add you to our mailing list.


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