About PoliInformatics

Rapid developments in data availability call for innovative approaches to longstanding questions related to government and politics. We are of the view that interdisciplinary collaborations hold the key to important advances, but also recognize that identifying projects that serve the research objectives of scholars from different fields can be challenging.

PoliInformatics seeks to leverage advances in computer science, machine learning (broadly defined) and data visualization to facilitate discovery in large structured and unstructured government datasets. One of our central objectives is promote interdisciplinary conversations leading to  collaborative research opportunities involving social scientists, journalists, and information and computer scientists.

This website serves as an information repository for a National Science Foundation funded Research Coordination Network (RCN) – Grant #1243917 – directed by John Wilkerson (University of Washington) and Anne L. Washington (George Mason University). See our grant page to learn more about the award.

Our Steering Committee  includes experts in legal informatics, political science, machine learning, political economics, communication, information science, data journalism, electrical engineering, statistics, visualization, and information systems.

The PoliInformatics Research Coordination Network (RCN) is called PiNet.  We will be sharing information on this site and on the PiNet Wiki . Please look for more information about forthcoming Research Competitions in Autumn 2013, or contact us so that we can add you to our mailing list.


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