2017 PoliInformatics Workshop

PINet IslandWood Workshop Agenda

Paper Assignments (buddies)

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-Check-in on Monday is from 4-6pm

-Dress is casual!

There will be opportunities for walks in the woods. The weather should be warm, but bring a light coat in case it rains.

-Getting to Ferry from Sea-Tac Airport

The Bainbridge ferry leaves the Coleman Dock in downtown Seattle every 50 minutes. Option 1 from Sea-Tac airport is to take the light rail, get off at the University Street station, and walk a few blocks downhill to the waterfront and then south to the ferry terminal (10 minutes). Option 2 is to grab a cab or ride service from the airport and have them take you to the Coleman dock.

You will need to purchase a ferry ticket (~$8), and then catch a cab or bus (see below).

-Getting to IslandWood (4450 Blakely Ave NE, (206) 855-4300)) from the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal:

Taxis and Tours (206) 842-7660 (about $10, call ahead)
Viking Cab (360) 244-4420 (about $10, call ahead)
BI Ride service 800.501.RIDE (free! Small white buses at ferry terminal prior to 3:50pm)
Bus #97 ($2, first departure 3:50pm, last departure 8:00pm. Tell the driver. You will need to walk a couple of blocks to the IslandWood entrance on the left)

(The Islandwood gate closes around 10pm but you can still walk around it.)

-If you arrive early and want to have lunch in downtown Bainbridge, there are lots of options, including:

Emmy’s Vege House
Fork and Spoon
Mora’s ice cream
Hitchcock’s Deli
Harbour Pub (on the water)

There’s also a small art museum (!) and a historical museum close to the ferry.

-Previously distributed workshop materials

PiNet Acceptance [Information about travel reimbursement submission deadlines and other things]

PiNet July Update (Information about workshop schedule, participant responsibilities, and how to upload papers and slides]

Travel Reimbursement – US   updated

Travel Reimbursement – Foreign


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