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2017 PoliInformatics of Lawmaking Workshop

Call for Proposals (deadline January 5 2017)



2014 PoliInformatics of the Financial Crisis Workshop

Plan of Work for Poli-Informatics RCN

Input Event Output
Year 1 Development of PI-NET; Steering Committee plans competitions Discipline-specific Research Competitions by August 2014 Discipline-specific papers to be presented at Y2 Workshop
Year 2 CFP: RCN 1 Interdisciplinary reviews of papers developed for competitions Interdisciplinary Innovations Workshop: September 2014Presentation of  Competition results; Single dataset challenge for Y3 workshop Journal special issue to promote PoliInformatics. (highlighting competition winners)
Year 3 CFP: RCN 2 Interdisciplinary research teams formed during or after Y2 Workshop Interdisciplinary Focus Workshop:
September 2015Dataset Competition; Curriculum Development Workshop
Edited volume based on Single Dataset competition projects

Important Dates and Tasks 2014

January 1, 2014:  official data release
February 14, 2014:  deadline to register your team [NLP]
February 28, 2014: NICAR conference [NICAR]
April 24, 2014: challenge released [APSA]
April (15 18) 25, 2014:  twice-extended deadline for unshared task submissions [NICAR]
May 19, 2014: deadline to apply [APSA]
May 31, 2014: deadline for public reviews from the panel of judges
June 26, 2014:  announcement of awardees at the ACL Workshop [NLP]
July 1, 2014: soft deadline for proposals [APSA]
July  1, 2014: deadline for proposal submissions [NICAR]
August 15, 2014: deadline for reviews [NICAR]
August 27, 2014: APSA workshop [APSA]
August 31, 2014: deadline for submissions [APSA]
September 15, 2014: awards and invitations deadline [APSA]
September 15, 2014: announcement of invitations to the NSF-Funded PI-Net Workshop [NICAR]
November 9-11, Sun-Tue: PI-Net 2014 Workshop in Seattle, Washington
Fall 2015 : PI-Net 2015 Workshop



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