Face2Face Meeting

The Steering Committee of Poli-Informatics met in Evanston, at the Kellogg School of Management’s Allen Center, to discuss and plan future steps of the grant.PI-Net_F2F1_GroupPhoto_1

This was also the first “face2face” meeting of the Steering Committee,  which meant that the conversations started with each member’s presentation about themselves and their field.


John Wilkerson, University of Washington, the PI of the grant, Presentation: Beyond Induced: New approaches to conceptualizing and measuring legislator preferences



Anne Washington, George Mason University, the Co-PI of the Grant, Presentation: Information Retrieval and Political Informatics



Claire Cardie, Cornell



Thomas R. Bruce, Cornell Law – Legal Information Institute



John Gastil, Penn State, Presentation:  Deliberative Democracy and the PINet Project



Christopher Adolph, University of Washington, Presentation: Interactive Visualization of Model Inference and Robustness



Derek Willis, The New York Times, Presentation: Hell is Other People the Need for Canonical Names and Other Problems.


Noah Smith, Carnegie Mellon, Presentation: Pi-Net Talk


Daniel Diermeier, Northwestern University; Understanding the policy making process – Issues, Institutions, and Framing

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