Challenge Data

Datasets related to the Financial Crisis

The following comprise the official data sources available to challenge participants. Python scripts used to generate the challenge data are also available upon request.

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Economic Indicators (stocks, bonds, CPI, Housing index etc)  DATA

 Other Resources

These additional sources are not part of the official collection.  We ask that any data you collect for the purpose of this challenge be shared.

After Reform

Other possible data options

  • Media coverage of the financial crisis
  • Macroeconomic data during the crisis
  • Congressional floor debates
  • Legislator voting positions
  • Congressional press releases
  • Campaign contributions
  • Lobbying activity
  • Other committee hearings
  • Prior financial regulation legislation and laws
  • Election outcomes data
  • Population data (e.g., income, employment, health)
  • Policy reforms adopted outside the U.S. in response to the financial crisis

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