2014 Workshop Resources related to the Financial Crisis


This page is intended to assist researchers in discovering the range of resources available for investigating aspects of the financial crisis. This is not a complete list. We strongly encourage participants to contact Poliinformatics team members before proceeding to collect data.

1.Timeline of financial crisis
2.Investigations of financial crisis
3.Impact of TARP
4.Lawmaking and Rulemaking
5.Politics of TARP


  • St Louis Fed (Feb 27, 2007 – March 25, 2009)
  • BBC Timeline
  • Wikipedia


  • Wikipedia has an extensive list of investigation links
  • Federal Reserve meeting minutes

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC)

  • Blue ribbon commission investigating causes of financial crisis

Congressional hearings on the financial crisis (just a taste)

  • Carl Levin’s overview
  • Homeland Security and Govt Affairs Committee Report
  • House Financial Services Committee

3. IMPACT OF TARP (selected)

  • Treasury’s TARP tracker
  • Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program
  • OMB report, August 2012
  • Congressional Oversight Panel, 2009
  • Oversight of TARP’s impact
  • House Oversight Committee


poliprocess Click here for a hyperlinked version of this graphic

  • Congress and the President develop legislation and pass laws
  •  President issues executive orders and proclamations that update pre-existing law.
  • These changes in law are compiled in the US Code. Federal agencies cite specific provisions of the US Code as sources of authority for the regulations proposed in the Unified Agenda.
  • Proposed regulations are subject public review and commenting. Those that make the cut become part of the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Regulations subject to oversight by executive agencies and congressional committees. Congress passes follow up laws (traceable through Statutes at Large). Presidents issue executive orders clarifying how regulations are to be implemented
  • Courts review legality of regulations and their implementation

Congressional Legislative Action

The best way to obtain complete documentation related to a particular bill or law (such as TARP) is to generate a ‘legislative history’ using Proquest Congressional. Your university library should have a license. Proquest offers links to the following information: Floor Debates, Bill Versions, Related Bills Versions, Committee Reports, Committee Hearings, Committee Prints, Publications.

The following resources offer access to additional information about broader congressional activity.

  • APIs to grab data as made available by Fed. Govt, Derek Willis
  • Congressional Bills Project – database of bill sponsorship information, John Wilkerson
  • Policy Agendas Project – database of hearings, laws etc, John Wilkerson)


  • Statutes at Large traces how laws are revised since enactment
  • Table of Popular Names Agencies often reference a law’s popular name instead of its number
  • NYT compilation of bill nicknames as used in media (e.g. Obamacare)

US Code

The Code provides a single source of the effects of all laws across areas of federal govt. activity (51 titles). Agencies cite specific provisions of the code as providing authority for proposed regulations.

  • US Code
  • beta version of US Code website
  • Table III- Law sections mapped to specific provisions in the code. Documents not only statutory additions to the Code but also statutory changes that repeal or eliminate Code provisions.
  • Tables IV, V- Executive orders and proclamations mapped to the Code

Tom Bruce is a leading expert in this area


  • Unified Agenda  (UA) – semiannual publication of all the regulations federal agencies are considering
  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) – codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government (i.e. regulations in effect)
  • Parallel Table of Authoritie  Links specific regulations in the CFR to provisions of the US Code (except 5 U.S.C. 301) that the agency claims provides regulatory authority.
  • Public comments on Proposed Regulations (Claire Cardie works with these data)
  • Regulations.gov is a central source for the UA, CFR, Public comments etc


American Presidency Project

  • Proclamations
  • Statements of administrative policy
  • Signing statements
  • State of the Union addresses
  • News conferences
  •  and much, much more…

Judicial Oversight

Tom Bruce of the Cornel Legal Institute is a leading expert on legal search


Public opinion

  • Summary article from 2010
    The Impact of the September 2008 Economic Collapse  Pew Trust Report Apr 28, 2010
  • Roper clearinghouse for survey questions  related to TARP and financial crisis

Campaign finance and lobbying

  • NYT Campaign Finance API
    Sunlight’s Influence Explorer

Electoral Data

When you have specific needs, this is an area where it truly pays to ask

  • CQ voting and elections collection
  • American National Elections Studies

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