APSA Challenge submissions

List of Presenters and Submissions

Iulia Cioroianu, NYU

Gabriel Elul (UC Berkeley) (wil not attend workshop)

  • How Much Attention Does the FOMC Pay to International Affairs? Rethinking the Federal Reserve in a Globalized Era

Herschel Thomas and Michelle Whyman (UT Austin)

  • Attribute Uncertainty and the US Financial Crisis.

Amber Boydstun (UC/Davis) and Hanna Wallach (Microsoft Research)

  • Who’s Laughing Now? Applying Text Analysis to Humor in Federal Reserve Meetings

Tania Melo and John Wilkerson (University of Washington)

  • After Dodd-Frank: Do public comments matter in financial reform rulemaking?

Will Lowe (Mannheim)

  • Estimating Central Bank Preferences¬† (winner of the ACL Challenge)

Lucas Puente, Stanford

  • Unlocking the Secrets of the Temple: An Analysis of the Politics of the FOMC
  • Who Gains When Central Bankers Coordinate? Evidence From the Financial Crisis

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