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PInet is an NSF sponsored project that introduces a new interdisciplinary field we are calling Poli informatics.

This wiki provides space for members of the Steering Committee to make notes about competitions, projects and new data sets. One section of the wiki is private communication space for members of the committee. The other section of the wiki provides data, projects and other information for those who want to join PiNet.

We expect to have information about projects and data populated by Fall 2013.

We have an initial NSF grant, NSF Award 1243917, that establishes a Research Coordination Network (RCN) to build that community around poliInformatics. The proposed RCN will cover a three year period (2012-2015). The Principal Investigators of this project are John Wilkerson (University of Washington) and Anne L. Washington (George Mason University).

Contact us at poli.informatics at gmail.com

About the Grant

About the People

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