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* [[Poli_Informatics:Community_portal | Steering Committee Community Portal]]
* [[Poli_Informatics:Community_portal | Steering Committee Community Portal]]
* [[Meetings]]
* [[Meetings]]
** [[2012-01-28 | Steering Committee Conference Call Meeting Notes]] January 28 2012
** [[2012-01-28 | Steering Committee Conference Call Meeting Notes]] January 28 2013
** [[2012-01-28Agenda | Agenda]] for January 28 2012 meeting
** [[2012-01-28Agenda | Agenda]] for January 28 2013 meeting

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[edit] Welcome to PINet

This is a working space for members of the PInet community.

The goal of the PInet project is to use government data to provide opportunities for computational scientists to work with complex natural data and for social scientists to expand data-rich analysis into mainstream political science research. 

PoliInformatics is the application of diverse methodological approaches to the study of politics and government. The central objective is to leverage ongoing advances in computer science, machine learning (broadly defined) and data visualization to promote analyses of very large and unstructured datasets related to the study of politics. PoliInformatics responds to rapid developments in data availability that call for innovative perspectives on longstanding questions related to representation and governance. We spell it as both poliInformatics and poli-informatics and sometimes we just say political informatics.

The National Science Foundation supports initiatives that build community and capacity for data-intensive research. PInet is an NSF sponsored Research Coordination Network (RCN) that introduces a new interdisciplinary field we are calling Poli informatics. The Principal Investigators of this project are John Wilkerson (University of Washington) and Anne L. Washington (George Mason University). The project was awarded September 2012.

To find out more, please see our wordpress site at http://poliinformatics.org

Some pages on this site are not available to guests and visitors.

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